The Ramp

Whether it’s making love or the act of sexual pleasure, both are important needs in our lives… and yes, that includes persons with physical disabilities.  You may be surprised to hear that persons with physical disabilities do have sex, and sometimes as much as the able-bodied population.  However, sexuality is almost a taboo within the disability community and an unknown to the rest of the world.

I was injured in a car accident almost 10 years ago, which left me a quadriplegic.   I received my “membership” to the disability community at the same time.  After my accident, I found myself to be the same person, yet different.  I still had my love for shoes; the only difference was, instead of wearing out my shoes, I wear out my tires.  I still love Chinese food and trying out new dishes, but I no longer use chopsticks; instead I eat everything with a fork.  I still enjoy the physical intimacy between two people, but the major difference is I do not have full control of my body and need my partner to help out more, as I am not able to put myself in certain positions. After some research, I believe I’ve found a solution:  the Liberator Black Label Wedge and Ramp Combo.

According to the website ( The Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo is a set of dedicated luxury shapes for the bedroom; both pieces nest together to form an angled pedestal upon which to perform extraordinary lovemaking. Greater stamina, longer sessions, and incredibly intense orgasms enhance your sex and play scenarios.

After a closer examination of the Wedge/Ramp Combo, I can also add that this combo not only helps to get a person with a physical disability into the perfect shape and position, but it also minimizes spasms that could get the person out of position and affect the intimacy.  I can see many advantages of this combo for a person with a physical disability to spice up their love life and more:

The wedge can be placed anywhere on the slope of the ramp and will not move.

This will perfectly fit any body length. Due to different physical disabilities, it is very important to have this option in order to support the vulnerable body parts and properly place the body to minimize the possibility of injuries.

This will create a variety of comfortable positions, which will minimize some people’s possible back/neck/shoulder pain.

The triangular Wedge can be turned in three different ways and “attach” to the ramp to give the best placement and support for the body, arms and head.

While on the Ramp, the Wedge can be moved under the body to prop up certain body parts for maximum pleasure or to avoid applying pressure to medical devices or other disability related procedures. However, this is not an easy task to achieve if the individual has a high level of physical impairment, though it is not impossible. It will be more easily done if the individual has some arm function and can lift him or herself up or has a very strong partner to help.

While on the Ramp, the Wedge can also be placed underneath to help to create movements that would be otherwise difficult due to the physical impairment.

The Wedge and Ramp can also be used independently.  The Wedge is much easier to get onto than the Ramp, due to the height difference.  While the Wedge can help to raise and create small changes to existing techniques/routines in lovemaking, the Ramp spices things up and sets the bedroom on fire.

The Black Label line of shapes, as opposed to the Original Label, comes with attachments for restraints.  These restraints are absolutely great; they become “assistive devices” to help persons with disabilities using the Ramp/Wedge Combo in this case.  The restraints are very comfortable, will not leave marks, and will hold arms/legs in the proper place. In case of diminished or no arm/leg functions, I recommend getting the extensions to the restraints as well, in order to help hold the legs and arms in desirable positions.

The restraints can also be attached to the thighs while on the ramp.  This will hold the legs as well as the rest of the body in place if the individual has involuntary spasms.

Another great thing about this combo that I wheeled upon by accident is that it’s great support for stretches.  The body can be placed in a certain way so that all body parts can be stretched easily, and many parts can be stretched independently (depending on the abilities).

There are limitless possibilities to how the Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo can be utilized by a couple—especially those with a physical disability.  However, there is a learning curve, and many trials and experiments are needed to be able to utilize this combo to its full potential.  But half of the fun is getting there.  Once the techniques are found with combination of the disability, fireworks will ignite and intimacy in the bedroom will be fully accessible again thanks to this existing and liberating “assistive device”.