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Have you ever wondered why wheelchairs all built so different? Have you ever wondered why handicap parking stalls are so close to the door? Have you wondered why wheelchair users all wheel differently and at very different speed? Let Mr. Serious Lee and Ms. Fan Nee explain everything to you in their seriously funny adventures. 

My idea is simple, it combines my love for comic books, child education and supporting the disability community, by building a bridge between the comic book world to education and create a dialogue and communication between the disability community and the rest of the world. You don’t simply guess the answers to the posed questions but to ask people, the people with disability.

From a comic book creator’s point of view, the fantastic comic art will wow children and grab the attention of the general public! From a teacher’s point of view, children will learn better from what they like and adults will understand through humor; from a person with a disability’s point of view, we just want to be understood.  We, comic book creators have the ability to create changes the world… I believe in it whole hearted-ly!

I would like to publish a comic book /graphic novel of short comic strips about all sorts of disability issues through humor and collaborate with artists all around the world to bring the idea of empathy, understanding and being open minded to as many communities as possible. My goal is to have this book in school libraries so children can learn about these traits from a very young age; I would like see parents reading these to children as bedtime stories; I would like to see this book on coffee tables where people talked about it in conversation… And most of all, I would like to see people showing these traits in their everyday life… I know I’m dreaming big… But why not?

The Beginning…

In 2009, I wrote the very first script on Universal Design which was drawn by famous comic book artist Chris Malgrain from France. This was a true story, it happened to me shortly after my accident and not long after I left the hospital, and all I wanted was to enjoy a good dinner out. I didn’t get mad at the situation but instead turned it into a funny comic. This was very well received in Alberta, Canada and it was published in 2 magazines, 1 online publication in France, used in many speaking engagements and in numerous Universal Design presentations all through Alberta. People started to ask questions… And it gave me the evidence I needed to further develop this into a project because it created a dialogue between the disability community and the general public.

comic universal design

Inspired by Spiderman with Dr. Octopus as the villain, I got an idea to promote the ability for amputees. Just imagine what capabilities people with disability can do if they are suited with Dr. Octopus’s arms.  This is when I found Ryan, a fantastic artist from NYC.  He delivered a comic strip that is better than I had imagined.


New buildings are being built all around me and the biggest problem with the designs is accessibility was an after thought.  Working with local artist Alan to create this comic strip that incorporated all people that are affected by it.


The Project:

Create a 30-page comic book of disability related lighthearted individual comic strip;

Readers will be exposed to various comic book art styles;

Learn about different disability issues through laughter… and maybe use their newly acquired knowledge in their everyday lives;

This will be a collaboration with artists from all over the world;

… and much more


I’m very excited to announce the follow artists are part of, or expressed interest in ours super team:


… and I’m super pumped about the newest member

and as my consultant, the wonderfully accomplished writer

  • Abraham Martinez (Mexico)

Continuing plans…

So far, all participant in this project so far has donated their talent to this good cause. I am working on grant proposals and applications and possibly on-line fundraising soon to raise funds to support this project… I am not doing this for money but a cause! I believe in the artistic community to work to together to make changes, to help and to express ideas that spoken words can not!

I’m continuing to look for the talented artist to collaborate on this project.

More over…

All proceeds from this book will be donated to help purchase pressure sore prevention wheelchair cushions for people with disability and low income in China.


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