Thank You!

On a cold winter morning, awoken by a cold shiver, Julia struggled to grab a blanket to cover herself but failed. A creepy “thump, thump” sound came from outside her room and her door slowly opened a crack… “Wham” the door opened wide and a firmiliar face appeared… “Wake up sunshine!!” Sandra said aloud with a big smile on her face. Noticed rightaway Julia shivering, without hesitation, she grabbed the blanket and covered her up.

It’s 3:45am on a cold snowy winter morning, Sandra has traveled for 20 minutes to come to Julia’s house to help her to get up and get ready for her work day.

This is a true story, it didn’t happen to a friend’s friend of mine, this is my story. My name is not Julia nor is my assistant ‘s name Sandra, but this relationship is real. My assistant comes to help me at this crazy hour every week day in-order for me to get to work by 7:00am. Living with a disability is hard, but she makes it bearable.

Many people living with disability rely on reliable assistants like “Sandra” to help them to live a full life and become a productive member of the society.

On behalf of all the people living with a disability, to the dedicated reliable assistants… Thank you!