Lettering Samples

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Comic book projects that I’ve worked on:

Projects for 2018-2019 coming soon…

Projects in 2017:

Dark Moon

Amelia #2

Projects I worked on in 2016:

Projects I worked on in 2015:


IZi1p1 lettered

B&S-3 P 005 letteredShadow Faction #01 - Page 06rose of the dead samplemoonbone letteredlast riot sampleGoM_Issue6_Page16 letteredfenshi sample 3deadgoode sample100tears page02colorflattened


Absolute Magnitude (DC Comics, 2008 – 2009)

absolute magnitude

absolute magnitude

With Chris Malgraine (2011)


“For all the cows” With Sara Burrini (2009)

For all the Cows


Mirror Mirror

Brain Storm




Brain Storm

Apples of Idunn (2013)



pagina1 lettered with title

The Animal (2011)

animal01_06 lettered

The Hunt (2012)

5pg Fantasy pg1 lettered

The 5 (2010)

The Five p1 lettered

The Written (2011)

pg 2

The Urd (2010)

Urde Selfish Ways Page Two Inked lettered s

PTD Launched (2010)

PTD Launch Page One Inked lettered

Rapier (2012)

The Rapier page 1 finished lettered s

Equal Fights p1

The sum of light pages (2013)

Page 3 lettered v2

Team Chicago (2013)

chicagopage4_color lettered

Staff Ezikel (2013)

Staff of Ezekiel #1 lettered


So glad to report that I am able to improve my skills from last year. (I love letterering)

page3 relettered

TFF Page 02 - Inks - kuen

superafrican page_03_color lettered

Blane2 pg014 lettered kt

empty 1


Written 01 pg 13 color lettered

page 1 color jpeg LETTERED copy

final2 lettered

Reinaldo Lay Ink PAGE 04 lettered

ROMremix_PageHostess lettered 2

Fixed other people’s lettering pages:

Before… then my fixes

SideshowPage1Page1 fixed s

Before… then my fixes

page one colorrayeknight1

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