Your smile

Under the blazing summer sun,
The sunflowers singing hand in hand.
Breathing in the fresh field of grass,
The horses gallop toward the future.


He tried to cut the sunflowers down before grown,
You simply replanted them with your heart.
He tried to ground the free spirited horses,
Your broke the chain with your courage.


The sunflowers filled your walls,
Love filled your heart.
The horses moved like wind in your dreams,
Your courage powered their engines.


No matter how hard life became,
No matter how much pain unbearable,
You always greeted me with your smile,
The smile that encouraged me to smile.


Storm seems to always cover your garden,
Drought seems to always find your field,
I seemed to have lost my way towards you,
Darkness found you in my absence and covered up your sun.


In this darkness,
I still hear your laughter…
I still see your smile…
I smile back with renewed strength.

Dedicated to my dear friend Misty whom we lost on Jan 28, 2014

The journey (poem)

As two nervous butterflies fluttered their wings towards the sun,
I entered a house of Cross but not for the worship of god.
3 bright lights beamed into my watery eyes,
A sudden blur in my vision sent me to another world afar.
Slowly waking up in a bed of sunlight and the smell of alien flowers,
Found myself curled up in a ball in a field of moist comfort.
Tried to move my head proven to be more than a simple task,
As the world around me reshuffled and reorganized their foundation in waves.
Consumed by darkness once more for several centuries,
I continued my travels in this state into many more worlds.
A bright light suddenly appeared followed by earth shaking vibrations,
My final destination has brought me to a world mixed with volcanic fire and stormy ocean.
Traveling day and night towards the green field and pleasant weather,
The journey and travel proven to be unpleasant and dangerous.
Suddenly hit with thousands of flaming arrows,
The body screams from lava’s blossom.
Determined to smell the fresh snow and feeling for warm sun,
I dragged myself over the rocky cliffs powered with hope.
Sudden slip of footing,
I find myself bruised, battered and falling back to the beginning of time.
Screaming with frustration and anger,
Almost giving up until a sudden cold snow flower imprinted my skin.
Powered with new found courage and determination,
I found my path within the flaming garden.
The clouds parted and sun smiled once more,
The air smelled of lavender and wind blowed kisses.
I lay in the grass surround by reality,
As I have returned once again from another one of life’s little journeys.