Doing my part…

In this world and its economy, what significant role do we play? What is my part? What is your part? 

Often, the question people ask becomes “why do we even want to play a part?” And we give ourselves the answer: “let someone else take care of it. ” At least, that was my thought when I was an able-bodied person living a carefree life in this world.  

The funniest thing happened, after my car accident and became a quadriplegic, as life became ever more difficult, I found myself wanting to play a role, any role in fact, that would help the world move to a better future.

Why did that happen? Why the sudden shift? Did my disability suddenly gave me inspiration to be righteciou? Did I suddenly have more time and need to fill my time with something? These are all valid questions and sometimes questions people are not comfortable in asking. It took me sometime to find the answer for myself. The sudden shift in my intellectual understanding of the world is not the answer you would have guessed. The change occurred when my life is no longer “simple “, the lost of my independence has created a warmhole effect that suddenly sucked all the joy and happiness out of life as I knew it, but this lost also created a  clearer picture of the world for me as well as it allowed me the opportunity to view life from a different angle. When you view the world from an unpleasant angle you begin to see the world as harsh, you feel the pain and sees only cloudy sky…but, if you view the world differently? You will begin to see the world for its potential, you begin to search deep and hard for that tiny bit of goodness that is still left, you begin to wanting more in life and sometimes be part of the change that will bring more light into the world.

Let’s view the world differently, together, let’s see the potential and how we can be the change in creating a better future for all of us.

In this world and its economy, what significant role do we play? Let me play my part! Will you play your part?