Your smile

Under the blazing summer sun,
The sunflowers singing hand in hand.
Breathing in the fresh field of grass,
The horses gallop toward the future.


He tried to cut the sunflowers down before grown,
You simply replanted them with your heart.
He tried to ground the free spirited horses,
Your broke the chain with your courage.


The sunflowers filled your walls,
Love filled your heart.
The horses moved like wind in your dreams,
Your courage powered their engines.


No matter how hard life became,
No matter how much pain unbearable,
You always greeted me with your smile,
The smile that encouraged me to smile.


Storm seems to always cover your garden,
Drought seems to always find your field,
I seemed to have lost my way towards you,
Darkness found you in my absence and covered up your sun.


In this darkness,
I still hear your laughter…
I still see your smile…
I smile back with renewed strength.

Dedicated to my dear friend Misty whom we lost on Jan 28, 2014