19th quad birthday

I am, most of the times, a happy wheelers. I have always had a big party to celebrate each year, on my accident date, that I’m alive and great people around me.

Thanks to COVID, first time in over 10 years, I did not have a party to celebrate, thus resulted me having the worst day ever… not knowingly.

I woke up in extreme back pain in the morning, and my son said hello to me with a face kick, so I am officially awaken at 4:06 am. As I listen to the melody or my husband and son’s operatic singing, I started to ponder… I have a great life right here. For some reason, it just went down hill from there… I argued with my hubby, my mom and just a dark cloud following me around, which is really sad.

Then I realized, it’s because I didn’t have a party… I realized the importance of celebration of “what would be the worse day of your life”… it is to rejuvenate, recharge and boost our battery for the coming year. THAT’S RIGHT! I missed my reboot.

The point of this is… if we turn a bad situation into good by simply changing our thoughts, and celebrate of course, then we live a better life over all.

Note to self, must host a 20th quad birthday party. You, yes you, put it in your calendar August 31, 2021, party at my pad!