For an adventure of a life time and defeating impossible…History_Builders_of_The_Great_Wall_42710_reSF_HD_still_624x352

I’m raising funds for my next great adventure… I will retrace Rick Hansen’s Great Wall of China adventure 30 years ago, this time, as a quadriplegic and using my everyday chair.

Why do it?

The question should be why not?  I am doing it to raise awareness for persons with disability.

I hope for 2 outcomes from my journey of defeating this great “beast”: I hope to inspire other persons with disability to have the courage to defeat their own fear and try something new and, I hope people in the community will see the strength in persons with disability and give them support and a chance in life.

The journey…

Wheeling 1000 meters on the Great Wall of China, at a crazy incline, high altitude and hopefully without smog. 😉 … on top of being a quadriplegic and in my everyday chair.

Funds will be used to…

Your donation will be used to pay for my team member’s expenses such as plane tickets, accommodations and other expenses such as harness, etc that would be used to ensure the success of this journey.

What will happen to the unused funds…

I already have a plan for your support will go on to support more people with disability.  All unused funds will be donated to help people with disability in China… and believe me, they need it.  (I have donated whatever extra money I’ve saved towards the purchase of several air mattress for people in China already hoping to help them prevent pressure sores)


Here is how you can support me… by donating directly to my campaign at

Thank you for your support… I’ll wave to you from the Great Wall of China, coming September 2016.