Almost There…

-edited by Sandra M

Wow, time is flying by fast, way too fast.  It feels like just yesterday that I went to China, with a big Canadian heart, wanting to help people with disabilities, to use our experience in Canada to empower them. At the same time, I set an impossible goal for myself.  I gave myself more than a year to prepare, train and get my body ready, a follow up to Rick Hansen’s legendary journey 30 years ago, to wheel on the Great Wall of China.  I received great support from my Canadian friends but received mostly mixed reviews and questions from the hundreds of people with disabilities in China. They could not fathom such tasks could ever be done by someone in a wheelchair or dare to dream big. It’s difficult for them to dream big when for thousands of years’ people with disabilities are hidden away from the society, viewed as totally dependent, and trapped in the vicious cycle of “can’t”.  Although the Chinese society has begun to progress by creating more accessible environment for people with disability, but they are still trapped mental by thinking they cannot. I hope my action will inspire them to challenge themselves to live a life they want.


My suitcases are packed, with gifts to family and friends, and as many donated items as I can fit. Thanks to the airline allowing a medical suitcase, I can put all of my essentials all in one place.  I have packed many Coloplast items in my suitcase and they have become essential for my journey.


I am just a regular girl with a big dream that’s willing to do anything to achieve it. My friends, no matter what place you are in life, no matter what shape your body is in, no matter what ability or disability you may have, as long as you focus on your goal, put in the effort it requires and do you best, success is within your grasp.


I’m only a few hours away from flying across the world to make my dreams come true.  I do not have butterflies flying in my stomach but thousands of bumble bees, buzzing with excitement for my next great adventure.


Training mentally, and the body will follow

-edited by Sandra M


Life for a person with a disability is not easy. We constantly have to deal with health issues.  We are also dealing with emotional demons. For those of you that know me or have been following my journey you know the struggles that I have been enduring.  In the past 2 years I have had 7 surgeries and have had many complications.  What most people don’t know is that behind the smiles, for the past year I have been also been battling severe depression.   Through this experience, I found a way to survive and overcome hardship.


So, how did I manage to keep smiling and continue training?  The answer is simple.  I had a goal to reach, I have the Great Wall of China to wheel.  Knowing I had a goal with a specific date already set, I had to overcome.   During the toughest times of my life, I have forced myself to wake up and get up! I have forced myself to leave the house.  Forced myself to hit the gym and the hills to train. Slowly, these actions became routines, these routines became a life style.  All my energy, passionate determination is focused on achieving my goal of wheeling up the Great Wall of China.


wheel up Emily Murphy Hill


Every day I’m driven by my dream, I can see the finish line, and my health issues just faded away into the background. I planned each step to ensure the success of my goal.  I signed up with P.A.L.S training at the Steadward Center from the University of Alberta, they provide a student trainer who helps me to train specific muscle groups.  I have a set routine of workout between training at the gym, wheeling up hills, dancing Zumba, wheelchair rugby practices with Edmonton Steel Wheels Club and doctor’s offices 7 days a week.  My friends giving me suggestions. My teammate Dan Piller lent me his rollers (an exercise machine for wheelchair users) and a Freewheel (a single wheel attachment for the wheelchair to make smooth wheeling).   Friends from far and wide are giving me encouraging words and well wishes.  All of these factors have helped me both mentally and physically during these difficult times. I am so grateful to have great friends and I live in a wonderful community.


I just had my 15th new “birth” birthday party.  If you wonder what it is?  I have been celebrating the day of my car accident as a rebirth into my new life.  At my celebration, my friends and family donated money towards my next mini project, buying pressure sore relief mattresses for people with disabilities in China.  We managed to raise enough money for 10 mattresses as well as soaker pads to go with them.  I am so grateful to have such supportive friends in my life.


The date to become the first quadriplegic to wheel on the Great Wall of China is set, September 26th is the day. I hope my achievement and hard work will encourage people in my community and worldwide to think outside the box.  To not let difficulties in life prevent them from living a full life, and to be empowered, to not only dream big, but put their dreams into action.


With 8 days to go, my mind is already at the Great Wall, soon my body will follow

Doing my part…

In this world and its economy, what significant role do we play? What is my part? What is your part? 

Often, the question people ask becomes “why do we even want to play a part?” And we give ourselves the answer: “let someone else take care of it. ” At least, that was my thought when I was an able-bodied person living a carefree life in this world.  

The funniest thing happened, after my car accident and became a quadriplegic, as life became ever more difficult, I found myself wanting to play a role, any role in fact, that would help the world move to a better future.

Why did that happen? Why the sudden shift? Did my disability suddenly gave me inspiration to be righteciou? Did I suddenly have more time and need to fill my time with something? These are all valid questions and sometimes questions people are not comfortable in asking. It took me sometime to find the answer for myself. The sudden shift in my intellectual understanding of the world is not the answer you would have guessed. The change occurred when my life is no longer “simple “, the lost of my independence has created a warmhole effect that suddenly sucked all the joy and happiness out of life as I knew it, but this lost also created a  clearer picture of the world for me as well as it allowed me the opportunity to view life from a different angle. When you view the world from an unpleasant angle you begin to see the world as harsh, you feel the pain and sees only cloudy sky…but, if you view the world differently? You will begin to see the world for its potential, you begin to search deep and hard for that tiny bit of goodness that is still left, you begin to wanting more in life and sometimes be part of the change that will bring more light into the world.

Let’s view the world differently, together, let’s see the potential and how we can be the change in creating a better future for all of us.

In this world and its economy, what significant role do we play? Let me play my part! Will you play your part? 

When it snows…

As the sun tries to hide It’s face behind the clouds,

As the wind slowly kisses every inch of the earth,

As the world bracing itself to be covered up,

My heart feels heavy embracing the moment for when it snows…

When it snows…. I think of you,

The beautiful white flakes of your hairs,

The loneliness the world feels without you being near,

The chilling cold of losing you,

My heart feels heavy embracing the moment for when it snows…

When it snows…. I think of you,

The beautiful snow flake could not compare to your smiles,

The loneliness of the world that you used to cheer up,

The chilling cold your embrace used to warm up,

My heart feels lightens and  looking for the moment for when it snows…

As the sun showed her smiles from behind the clouds,

As the wind brush by  my cheeks with warm kisses,

As the world awakes to spring growth,

My heart feels excited and looking for the moment for when it snows…

Mmmm, toast

Mmmm, waking up to the smell of a delicious piece of toast, with melted butter, freshly made eggs and crispy sausages… As saliva drips down the corner of your mouth, as you fight your urge to bathe yourself in this delicious aroma instead of an actual shower, secretly you know… You are about to have a great day.

Mmmm, another toast everyone should enjoy as much as the breakfast toast is Toastmaster. Yes, you may not be aware of this yet, but the sweet inspirational words and challenge creates an addictive aroma as much as that breakfast toast with a great exception… Toastmaster sets you up for much more than the day, it sets you up for life.

Your smile

Under the blazing summer sun,
The sunflowers singing hand in hand.
Breathing in the fresh field of grass,
The horses gallop toward the future.


He tried to cut the sunflowers down before grown,
You simply replanted them with your heart.
He tried to ground the free spirited horses,
Your broke the chain with your courage.


The sunflowers filled your walls,
Love filled your heart.
The horses moved like wind in your dreams,
Your courage powered their engines.


No matter how hard life became,
No matter how much pain unbearable,
You always greeted me with your smile,
The smile that encouraged me to smile.


Storm seems to always cover your garden,
Drought seems to always find your field,
I seemed to have lost my way towards you,
Darkness found you in my absence and covered up your sun.


In this darkness,
I still hear your laughter…
I still see your smile…
I smile back with renewed strength.

Dedicated to my dear friend Misty whom we lost on Jan 28, 2014